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Fire Damage Restoration Services

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With over 25 years of experience in the restoration business, HELP Restoration is prepared to assist you should you need fire restoration services. With a response time goal of 1 hour, our 24-hour emergency service is able to take action immediately, as our trucks are always loaded and ready for the board-up process. Securing your property and preventing further damage in a timely fashion is our top priority.

HELP Restoration provides fire restoration services that include board-ups, tarping, and smoke damage repair. HELP Restoration will work with your insurance company and is ready to assist the homeowner with the paperwork and proper procedures for handling fire damage with your mortgage company.

HELP Restoration employs a professional cleaning department ready to assist you in the fire restoration process. Every detail is accounted for, down to the hand washing of each item. During the pack-out process, we will provide the homeowner and insurance company with an itemized inventory list of every item removed from the property. Some fire damage losses require the removal of personal contents and furnishings to allow for structural repairs. Your possessions are handled with the utmost care as our cleaning department utilizes the best tools and green cleaning products, which are also friendly to the environment, as we restore your belongings. HELP Restoration also provides pack back services when the restoration process is complete and your items are ready to be moved back into your home or building. Anything unable to be restored will be documented.

Our 24/7 Emergency Restoration Services Include:

Emergency board-ups
Emergency Water Extraction
Emergency building dry down
Smoke Damage Repair
Roof Tarps
On-site Cleaning
Temporary power generation
Emergency pack out and storage
Emergency structural support/shoring